A unified standard for the storage and transport of breakdown and schedule data in the entertainment industry

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The Problem

Production schedules are indispensable documents in the entertainment industry, containing the core information that is consumed both during prep and on set.

An increasing number of software tools have been created that either create or consume this schedule data. Unfortunately, the creators of these tools and their users are now finding that there is no easy way to transport this data from one application to another.

When transportability problems like this have occurred in the past, creators have tended to generate their own custom import/export solutions. This inevitably results in a fractured landscape of multiple file formats that need to be maintained and supported.

Additionally, unnecessary resources are placed on promoting file formats, which bring little value to their creators and only serve to ultimately annoy the end user.



The Solution

The Universal Schedule Standard is a common method to store and transport schedule and breakdown data across all existing and future platforms.

Using one standard makes the user’s data portable allowing them to create a schedule in one application and then transfer that information to another application that might create budgets, call sheets or other useful end products.

Each company using the standard will reduce their work load, as they can avoid supporting myriad competing formats. These various applications will be lighter and more easily manageable with only one import/export format to support.

And perhaps most importantly, end users will gain confidence in the entire sector and will more freely use multiple services, with the knowledge that their data is always portable and safe.


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The following collaborators proudly support the Universal Schedule Standard

How can you help?

If you need the ability to transport your breakdown or schedule data, reach out to the company that makes the software you are using. The companies you see listed above have already joined the standard. Letting all of the software companies know that you want the ability to freely move your data will encourage the remaining companies in this space to join the standard.

If you are a developer and you have suggestions regarding the technical aspects of the standard, please open a GitHub Issue on our repository. 


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